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Auto repair facility network

If your vehicle was damaged and you are looking for a repair facility, Desjardins Insurance’s repair facility network is designed to provide simple, convenient repair options.

To learn more, contact your Desjardins Agent.

What you should know

You have the right to choose the repair facility that will repair your vehicle. Body shops that are part of our repair facility network are carefully selected to ensure they provide quality repair services.

If you do not choose a repair facility from our network, we will arrange to have an estimate prepared using prices that are competitive in the local market area.

Reporting a claim

Dealing with a claim after an auto accident can be stressful and we try to make the process easier. As part of the claims process, you can select a recommended repair facility but if you want to manage it on your own, you can contact your Desjardins Agent.

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Reporting property damage is easy and stress-free.

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We’ll guide you through your business insurance claim.

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