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5 tips for driving safely in the rain

5 tips for driving safely in the rain

Singing in the rain is fun. But driving? For some people, it’s a source of anxiety, especially as the risk for collisions increases as weather conditions deteriorate. Being behind the wheel and a rain-splattered windshield doesn’t have to be a white-knuckled, nerve-racking experience.

Tips for driving in a downpour


When conditions are less than ideal, drivers need to stay alert and focused on what’s going on around them.

Turn on those headlights

In Canada, it’s the law in all provinces and territories to turn headlights on when visibility is low or when conditions warrant.

Beware of hydroplaning

That’s the technical term for what occurs when your tires are getting more traction on the layer of water on the road than on the road itself. The result is that your car begins to slide uncontrollably. It’s easy enough to hydroplane: all you need is 0.21 centimetres of rain on the road and a speed of more than 56 kilometres per hour. If you start to hydroplane, let off the accelerator slowly and steer straight until you regain control.

Turn off cruise control

Ironically, on rain or snow covered surfaces, cruise control may cause you to lose control. You might think it’ll help you stay at one steady speed, but if you hydroplane while you’re in cruise control, your car will actually go faster.

Slow down

Speed limit signs are designed for cars to go the fastest speed possible under ideal conditions. That’s hardly the environment you’re driving in when it’s raining, so let up on the accelerator and allow more time to get to your destination.

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