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It’s time to update your information

This page applies to you if you received an email from your agent about updating your policy

After converting your policy to Desjardins Insurance, it’s important for us to make sure your policy coverage meets all your needs.

Please look over the questions below and take a few minutes to gather the information. Then contact your agent to set up a time to talk—either over the phone or in person.

  1. Do you keep any jewellery in the home?
    If so, what is the approximate value?
  2. Do you have any bicycles, watercraft or recreational vehicles on the premises?
    If so, what is the approximate value of these items?
  3. Do you have any dogs?
  4. Do you have any renters, tenants or boarders living on the premises?
  5. What is the primary source of heat? (e.g., gas, oil, electric baseboard)
  6. Is there a fuel oil tank on the premises?
    If so, what is it made of and what year was it built?
  7. What is the exterior siding made of? (e.g., brick, aluminum or vinyl siding or a combination)
  8. Are there any outbuildings on the property? (e.g., shed, barn)
  9. Do you have a home security system?
    Is it monitored?
  10. Are there any smokers in the household?
  11. How many storeys in the home?
  12. Is the home fully-detached, or are there common walls shared with adjoining properties?
  13. Is the basement finished?
  14. Do you have a built-in or attached garage?
    How many vehicles can it house?
  15. Do you have a swimming pool or hot tub?
    If so, when was it built and what type is it? (e.g., above ground, inground, pool and hot tub combo)
  16. Do you have a heat pump?
  17. Have you made any improvements to the property? (e.g., installing a woodstove insert, adding an addition or sunroom)
  18. How old is the roof and what is the roofing material? (e.g., asphalt, wood, metal)
  19. What is the home’s foundation made of? (e.g., concrete, block, stone)
  20. Do you have a sump pump?
  21. What type of water heater do you have?
    When was it installed?
  22. What type of electrical panel do you have? (e.g., circuit breaker or fuse)
    What is the amperage? (e.g., 60, 100 or 200 amp)
  23. What type of electrical wiring do you have? (e.g., aluminum, copper, knob and tube)
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