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Get affordable car insurance with Desjardins Insurance

We know that getting the best value for your money is important to you. That’s why Desjardins Insurance offers auto insurance tailored to your needs.

Don’t know where to begin? Contact your Desjardins Agent, they’ll be able to provide the coverage options that are right for you and they’ll make sure you’re getting all the discounts and savings you deserve.

Why choose Desjardins Insurance?

Here are just a few of the reasons you should trust Desjardins Insurance for auto insurance:

  • Combine your coverages for discounts. For example, insuring both your house and your car with Desjardins Insurance could save you 5%.
  • Get help selecting the right policy.The amount of coverage and the deductibles you choose will affect the price you pay. A Desjardins Agent can help you make smart choices based on your budget. Or you can get an online car insurance quote to see how your decisions affect the bottom line.
  • Rest assured knowing you’ll be getting prompt, fair settlements. You can't afford to buy car insurance that doesn't come through with coverage in case of an accident. Our Claim centre is there to help policyholders if the unthinkable occurs.

With Desjardins Insurance, you get more than just car insurance. You get access to thousands of agents and employees committed to serving our customers. If you have an issue, you can talk to your Desjardins Agent or manage your account online.


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