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StateFarm Canada is now Desjardins Insurance

State Farm® Canada is now Desjardins Insurance and your local State Farm Agent will now be known as your Desjardins Agent.

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Identity fraud insurance helps protect you from the cost of fraud

Get peace of mind with
Desjardins Insurance

Many Canadians have reported being a victim of identity fraud, costing them time and money. As a valued Desjardins Insurance customer, you deserve the best products and services for identity fraud coverage.

The importance of identity fraud insurance

Identity fraud victims often have to spend their own money and a considerable amount of time and energy to clear their credit histories and correct their financial records.

We offer identity fraud insurance for only $25 per year as an optional endorsement under a homeowners, tenants, condominium unit owners or mobile home policy. If you become a victim of identity fraud, you'll get expense reimbursement and personal help for the recovery process.

Identity restoration case management

This service is available for up to 12 months following a covered identity fraud incident.

A case manager works with affected agencies and institutions, including credit card companies, credit bureaus, creditors and businesses on your behalf to correct any covered identity fraud issues you may experience.

Identity fraud expense reimbursement

We provide up to $25,000 for covered expenses caused by identity fraud, including:

  • Cost of obtaining credit bureau reports
  • Fees when reapplying for loans, grants or other credit instruments
  • Phone, postage and shipping fees
  • Notary and filing fees for costs you incur to correct your identity and credit records
  • Certain legal fees resulting from identity fraud

The following identity fraud expenses are subject to the following sublimits within, and not in addition to, the expense reimbursement coverage limit:

  • Up to $1,000 for deductibles, service fees or other costs charged by financial institutions to enable you to recover control of your personal identity.
  • Up to $5,000 combined for lost wages and child, elder and infirm care expenses.

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