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Identity theft restoration services

Identity fraud victims can spend hours and hours repairing the damage done by identity thieves.

Our affordable identity restoration services are available as an addition to the existing policy that insures your home, apartment, condominium or mobile home, and can save you time and help ease your burden.

Contact your Desjardins Agent for more information.

What’s included

If you become a victim of identity fraud, we'll assign a case manager to coach you through the complicated identity recovery process.

They can also take on much of the work you'd otherwise have to handle on your own, including:

  • Identifying the right people to contact and what information they'll need.
  • Proving that your records or accounts have been fraudulently misused.
  • Working with credit bureaus, creditors and financial institutions to identify errors and correct your records.
  • Reviewing your credit files and requesting fraud alerts with credit bureaus.
  • Preparing communications for you to send to credit bureaus, financial institutions and government entities.
  • Working with you to check for a recurrence of identity fraud problems.
  • Providing legal referrals to help with court appearances or legal entanglements should they arise.

If you'd rather manage the process yourself, your case manager can provide an identity recovery guide that includes sample letters to creditors and credit bureaus and other information to help you through the process.

Who’s covered

Identity restoration services protect you and any of the following who live in your household:

  • Your spouse
  • Your relatives
  • Anyone under age 21 who's cared for by you, your spouse or your relatives
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