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StateFarm Canada est maintenant Desjardins Assurance

State Farm Canada est maintenant Desjardins Assurances. Votre agent local de State Farm sera désormais connu sous le nom d’agent de Desjardins.

Pour plus de détails, visitez le desjardinsagents.com/changements-state-farm-canada.

Vous souhaitez accéder au site américain de State Farm? Visitez-le ici : statefarm.com.

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5 critical times to review your insurance

5 critical times to review your insurance

Your life continues to change. Is your insurance keeping up? Whenever you experience a major life event, it’s a good time to make sure your coverage is up-to-date and still suited to your needs. Review your insurance annually or during key life changes.

When should you review your insurance?

Your marital status changes

Whether you’re marrying soon and combining households, or divorcing and splitting up possessions, a change in your marital status can affect your need for life, auto and homeowners coverage. As you review your coverage, be sure to verify or change your beneficiary designations.

You family makeup changes

If you’re expecting or adopting a child, you’ll want to protect your growing family with adequate life insurance and disability income insurance. Losing a family member through death or divorce is another life event that may prompt a policy review. Revisit the beneficiary designations on your existing policies whenever the makeup of your family changes, too.

Your teen gets a driver’s licence

When your household adds a young driver, adequate auto insurance is a must. When adding your teen to your policy or asking him or her to purchase coverage, talk to your Desjardins Agent about available discounts.

You make a major purchase

If you buy a home or vacation property, or take on a significant renovation, it’s time to review your homeowners policy. But don’t stop there. When you buy, inherit or acquire items of value, a baby grand piano, say or antique jewelry, check whether these possessions are fully covered by your current homeowners or personal property policies.

Your employment status changes

If you recently received a sizeable promotion, been downsized or entered retirement, your income will often be affected. Depending on your circumstances, your Desjardins Agent might recommend increasing your coverage or suggesting more affordable options. If you no longer have a daily commute to an office, the terms of your auto insurance might also change.

Whether you have an impending life event or it’s just been awhile since you’ve reviewed your coverage, contact your Desjardins Agent for assistance.

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