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null 5 ways life might differ post-pandemic

5 ways life might differ post-pandemic

We’ve spent months adjusting to life in lockdown, and many of us are keen to put it all behind us and get back to normal. But what will our “new normal” look like?

Here are 5 ways life might change

1. We may see a change in our consumer behaviour

Canadians who may have been skeptical about the efficacy and convenience of online shopping pre-pandemic may have realized it’s not so bad after all and may continue to shop online even after restrictions on retail store re-openings have been fully lifted.

2. We may change the way we think about our children’s education

The pandemic has helped to highlight an important benefit of in-person education: it helps kids interact with their peers and develop confidence in a way that online learning can’t. In a post-pandemic world, we may see school boards begin to prioritize socializing and play alongside academic education since we’ve been reminded of just how important these activities are for healthy development.

3. We may dine out less than we did before

Takeaway dining may increase substantially as people who weren’t comfortable or familiar with food-delivery services pre-pandemic may now continue to lean on these convenient options even after life returns to “normal.” Plus, even after restrictions have been lifted, many people may be hesitant to stay in public for long periods of time.

4. We may spend more time outdoors

Now that we’ve spent more time than ever cooped up at home, many people are craving a return to nature that we might not have prioritized pre-pandemic. As provincial and national parks begin to reopen across the country, more people may begin to venture to these inexpensive and social-distancing friendly options to enjoy a bit of green space or go for a walk, hike or bike ride.  

5. We may see more people working from home

Pre-pandemic, many employers were skeptical about the idea of their employees working from home. Will they be as productive? Can virtual software replace in-person meetings without added hassle? Can company morale still be cultivated from afar? But the pandemic has seemed to squash many of these concerns as companies begin to explore the idea of reducing real estate costs without sacrificing productivity.

If one thing is certain, it’s that this pandemic has forced us to adapt and reassess in ways we may have never had to – and even though our “new” normal might not look like our “old” one – it’s sure to bring with it some positive changes.

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