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StateFarm Canada est maintenant Desjardins Assurance

State Farm Canada est maintenant Desjardins Assurances. Votre agent local de State Farm sera désormais connu sous le nom d’agent de Desjardins.

Pour plus de détails, visitez le desjardinsagents.com/changements-state-farm-canada.

Vous souhaitez accéder au site américain de State Farm? Visitez-le ici : statefarm.com.

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Get the most out of your auto service

Get the most out of your auto service

Many people dread visits to the mechanic. Auto shops consistently rank among the top complaints filed with the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus (CCBBB). But putting it off could risk your safety and cost more in the long run. Schedule your service today, and use this advice to help avoid dishonest mechanics, excessive repair bills and common scams.

Find a reliable mechanic

Ask friends and family for recommendations, and check that your options are certified by an automotive repair organization such as the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

Seek out a reputable shop

Look for one that specializes in your make of vehicle. It does not need to be a respective dealership: federal law protects your warranty should you choose an independent business for routine maintenance work. Read online reviews and complaints filed with the local BBB or consumer protection agency.

Prepare for your visit

Clean out your car and be ready to provide a detailed explanation of the issue. Also bring a copy of your warranty, if applicable, and your vehicle’s service history. A maintenance record can give the service technician a better picture of the car's health.

Reduce risks

Unscrupulous shops may trick you into higher payments or unnecessary repairs. Tactics include ignoring maintenance schedules, completing repairs without your permission and insisting your car needs more work than you came in for. Protect yourself:

Know your service schedule

Have a basic understanding of the manufacturer’s suggested timeline. Read your owner’s manual and reference general recommended service schedules.

Ask questions

See if your shop offers a warranty on parts and labour, and talk to the mechanic if you’re confused about a repair.

Get a written estimate

This should detail the repairs and parts needed, as well as the expected charges. You should have to sign this before work begins on your vehicle, and the shop should need approval to complete repairs not on the estimate. Be sure to get a signed copy.

Double-check that estimate

Before you commit, get a second, or even third, opinion on major repairs.

Never leave without a repair order

This should list the work done, the parts used, the cost of the services involved and the odometer reading before and after service. Keep this for your service record.

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