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null Pressure washing 101

Pressure washing 101

There’s no denying that pressure washers are powerful and convenient cleaning tools to help you refresh your patio furniture, deck, driveway and more – but before you break yours out this summer, here are some quick tips:

Don’t use a pressure washer to clean less durable items

A pressure washer can spray water up to 4,000 pounds per second (PSI). That’s more than 80 times the regular force of a garden hose. And not everything around your home can stand up to this kind of force. Avoid using it to clean wood, resin or plastic furniture, outdoor fabrics, crumbling concrete or painted surfaces (unless, of course, your goal is to remove the paint).

Keep your pressure washer in good condition

Taking care of your pressure washer is the best way to ensure it’s always safe to use. Make sure your model has been approved by an independent testing organization. Never try to repair a broken hose or to clean the machine with its own gun. And always have a qualified electrician check the unit if it trips a circuit breaker.

Always follow these important safety tips

Pressure hoses can be dangerous. The force of a pressure hose can cause serious damage or injuries, especially when you use a nozzle that creates a very narrow spray. So protect yourself and your family with these safety tips:

  • Never operate a gas-powered pressure washer indoors.
  • Never spray yourself, others or animals.
  • Always use extension cords specifically designed for wet conditions and always plug into a grounded outlet.
  • Always wear safety glasses, gloves and rubber boots to protect yourself.
  • Always keep children a safe distance away.
  • Use a wider angle setting on the nozzle to lessen the risk of injuries.
  • Be careful around power lines, service feeds and electric meters.
  • Be sure to stand one metre from the surface you’re cleaning to prevent dangerous ricocheting.

Ces conseils sont fournis à titre informatif et préventif seulement. Ils sont d’ordre général et n’engagent pas la responsabilité de Desjardins Assurances. La vigilance est de mise et il est recommandé de consulter un expert en la matière pour obtenir des conseils complets et pertinents pour chaque situation.

Desjardins Assurances désigne Certas, compagnie d’assurances auto et habitation, émettrice de produits d’assurance auto et habitation ou Desjardins Sécurité financière, compagnie d’assurance vie, émettrice de produits d’assurance vie et de prestations du vivant.

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